Yoga Bow

Yoga Bow is proud to be the very first Bowspring Yoga Studio in California!

Bowspring is a global shift in the paradigm of yoga alignment and functional movement science.

Bowspring is a powerful methodology of movement that encourages and strengthens the natural curves of our human bodies.

Bowspring liberates our bodies to discover our fullest potential not only on our yoga mats, but in our daily lives.

Bowspring is powerful posturing combined with pulsations of movement that will guarantee you a healthy spine, lightness in your body and a positive mindset for balanced daily living.

Desi Springer (above), the creator of Bowspring, is an influential and hidden creature in our world. She aspires to share her method with the masses. We are aware that Bowspring will eventuality cause an irreversible global shift, and Yoga Bow is elated to be a part of Desi’s vision.

It is essential for a student to come to Yoga Bow with an open, beginner’s mindset in order to fully benefit from all that Bowspring has to offer.

We are located at

7160 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92121




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