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Ridiculously passionate about sharing the Bowspring

Driven to create authentic space

Massive gratitude to our teachers Desi Springer and John Friend

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Upcoming Weekly Classes:

~ 4/7 Tuesday 9:30am PST: MyoWild* with Michale

~ 4/7 Tuesday 10:30am PST: Bowspring with Sarah

~ 4/8 Wednesday 9:00am PST: Bowspring with Annie Kay

~ 4/9 Thursday 10:30am PST: Bowspring with Sarah

~ 4/10 Friday 10:30am PST: Bowspring with Jahan

~ 4/11 Saturday 7:30am PST: Bowspring with Holly

~ 4/11 Saturday 10:30am PST: Bowspring with Jahan

~ 4/12 Sunday 10:30am PST: Bowspring with Rotating Yoga Bow Instructor – Annie Kay

Class times are listed in PST – aka California time

How registration works: Upon purchase you will be directed to a ‘purchase success’ page. Click the ‘download’ link, and you’ll be directed to the Zoom room.

Thank you for being a part of our unique creation 🦄

*Myowild was originally designed to help people who have Jaw Joint dysfunction as well as a condition called Tongue-Tie. It is a union of Global Bowspring style practice with facial and tongue movements to positively impact the mid-line.

**Bowstorative is a restorative format yoga class that applies the algorithm of the Bowspring to various shapes and flows. Open to all levels.

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