Construction of Yoga Bow is almost complete!

I’m currently in Denver for two weeks enjoying a deep study of the Bowspring with my teachers John, Desi and all the amazing teachers at Vital Bowspring. I am so grateful for this amazing and cutting-edge studio that pushes me to my limits, teaches me so many things about my body.

Today, while rock climbing outside with friends in between Bowspring classes, I received a delightful text from Yoga Bow’s property manager, Ed. Construction is nearing completion, and the floor trim has been installed. All that is left is to install our shiny, new, sound-proof windows. Did you know that Ed went the extra mile to sound-proof our entire studio? From new layers on the wall to fancy windows, we will find peace and quiet in the middle of Miramar.

Take a look, and feel free to comment on your excitement below! I cannot wait to share this beautiful space with you all.

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