Meet A Few Bowspringers… tales from Sarah’s visit to Denver

The last few days in Denver, CO practicing Bowspring multiple times a day have been mind-blowing and extremely therapeutic for my chronic low back hip, knee and ankle pain. I have been learning and doing the Bowspring since the beginning (about five years ago or so), but without any other teachers in my San Diego area, I get lazy and lost. Although is a comprehensive website that keeps me in the know of what is going on, there is nothing quite like coming to practice at Vital Bowspring with an amazing community and strong staff of teachers. I am so grateful for these two weeks of learning and growth, and so looking forward to sharing this with my community back in San Diego at Yoga Bow.

During this visit I got to see some familiar faces that I have seen on my many previous trips here, and a few new ones. I thought you might like to get a bigger picture of the Bowspring community here in Denver. The benefits of this practice are far reaching – from young to old, healthy to recovering… people from all walks of life are flocking to Vital Bowspring, reshaping their bodies and minds toward a greater (and more pain free) life.

Meet Joel G

“I have always been a multi sport athlete and have considered myself to have a great mind and body connection… However this was about to change. About three years ago I started to follow a practice called Bowspring. This practice has opened my eyes to a whole new world. My neuromuscular connectivity has improved drastically, my posture has improved immensely, and I have far greater control over my body. I am now more flexible, I walk lighter on my feet and because of this practice and how intensely I have pursued it, I am a far better weightlifter than I was before. Every facet of my life has improved as this practice not only teaches you about a new world inside your body, it teaches you a new way of thinking as it opens your life up. This will be a practice I continue to follow and pursue with great intent for the remainder of my life as it is the one true lifelong practice I believe every human should follow.” – Joel

Meet Mary & Glen

“Bowspring has completely changed my body and my life and I am in love.  Chronic pain no longer dominates my day.  I move with grace and freedom like I never have before.  Any fears or worries are replaced by an incredible internal sense of lightness and joy when I practice.  This is the most integrative and supportive movement practice I have ever encountered.” – Mary (observing as John Friend assists Glen)

“Bowspring has been a huge influence in my life.  I had trouble with my hips and knees and through movement and patience I have been able to overcome pain.  Also I have been able to let go of fear as an obstacle and try movements that I never thought possible like going upside down and doing handstands.   Also it has opened my heart up to deeper compassion for myself and others.  And the community rocks like no other.” – Glen (red shirt, one legged backbend practice with John Friend assistance) 

 Meet Steve

Steve is 64 years old, and has been loving the Bowspring practice at Vital for a couple of years. He loves the open hearted quality that the practice creates, the expression of happiness and openness. He also has benefited greatly from the physical therapeutics of the practice – recovering from bone density issues and multiple joint surgeries. He has gained much more freedom, strength and openness in his body. Steve is a sweet bright light, and a committed student at Vital Bowspring.

Meet Ranee

“When asked to share my story about the BowSpring practice … it’s hard to pick just one as there are many and all are connected. Starting each day From when I first wake up and roll out of bed, to the way I sit, I stand, I walk, drive my car, speak and in the way I train my clients…everything. I have been a multi sport athlete since I was a kid, I have been 5 9 since the 6th grade, my back pain started at the age of 12 from improper form kicking a soccer ball. At the age of 15 my lower back really started to become a concern and would cause such severe pain in certain positions, that my knees would buckle and I would fall to the ground. This started to diminish what self-confidence I had, as I had no one to talk to about anything which I am sure was an open door invitation for bulimia. I realize now I had been dealing with ‘ adult matters’  unequipped and basically surviving. In my early 20s I had a break thru and realized that staying physically fit, put my bulimia in time out, by the grace of God… This freedom opened many doors for me. I started competing in bodybuilding at the age of 35. In 2014’s at Masters Nationals I became an IFBB Pro, receiving my pro cards in both Figure and Women’s Physique. I share, talk and teach Bowspring with everyone, including those don’t even know! You can catch me in the grocery store or bookstore, talking to anyone that will listen. This practice I will carry with me for the rest of my life… It allows me to have the best life available to me… Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You can’t ask for anything better than that!” – Ranee

Meet Saskia

“I love the growing Bowspring family. I love connecting with people from all over the world who are open to exploring new ways of moving and being. The practice teaches grace, but it takes grit to get there. A new way of moving and being, brings up old patterns. This family is strong and inspiring and I’m grateful to be a part of it. The Bowspring has gifted me a body that for the first time, is a delight to be in. I hope many more of us get to enjoy a fulfilling and joyous embodiment of life. Working with John and Desi is growing me in ways that feel like quantum leaps.” – Saskia

Meet Dana

“The Bowspring was the first form of exercise that I actually loved! Even though I was always healthy and active, I never felt like “working out” or “going to the gym.” Thus I never considered myself to be FIT and certainly not an ATHLETE. The Bowspring changed all of that! Now I look forward to my practice and feel so happy, healthy and athletic as I carry this shape with me everywhere I go.

As a teacher, I am enthusiastic about sharing this method in an approachable way. We all tend to overwork and make things hard on ourselves. I want people to have the light, lifted and ecstatic experience that is attainable in this method. Everything can be light, and it all starts with our attitude. The mental practice is as important (if not more so) as the physical practice – we can truly be light-hearted, light on our feet, and light and bright in our minds. Let’s get sprung!” – Dana

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