Denver Spring-Loaded Bowspring Teacher Training: the report from our adventure!

Spring-Loaded Six! Plus Christian – an amazing Bowspring teacher & rock climber we had the great honor of meeting, from Austria!

The Bowspringing SIX!!!

Six Yoga Bow students & teachers took over the front row of John Friend and Desi Springer’s Spring-Loaded Yoga Teacher Training, held November 1-5, 2017 at Vital Bowspring in Denver, Colorado.

We left warm San Diego for a very chilly Denver, but were warmed to the core with our radiant hearts diving deep in to the ever evolving system of the Bowspring. The training was a global gathering of over 70 Bowspringers from all over the world including Japan,  Austria, Sweden, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, and Caribbean (Trinidad and Barbados) plus

With our hostess Jenny … thank you Jenny! You’re the best!

American Bowspring teachers from various States: OK, OR, CA, TX, NM, FL, LA, IL. Each day was packed full of Bowspring practice, breakout sessions, practice teaching, and so much more. We all felt so grateful to be invited and to participate in this special event.

I, Sarah, have been traveling to Vital Bowspring in Denver since the beginning of Bowspring (2012), and in fact nearly moved to Denver out of my love of this method. The opportunity to take my own students to the heart of this method was so exciting, such an honor, but also pretty intense. Fears arose in my heart… “will they enjoy this as much as I do?”… “what will they think??” You see Bowspring is intense. It is different. It requires steady, consistent and open-minded studentship to understand and grow in this method. It is a turning on of the mind, body and heart, not a numbing and turning off. I was so delighted to not only see my Bowspring students (soon to be Bowspring teachers) grow their Bowspring practices immensely, but also observed them falling in love with the home of the Bowspring too.

Resting in between sessions 🙂

We left Denver with a feeling of global support and community, with stronger deeper roots and stronger wider wings to take our Bowspring practice into our daily life and share it with our communities, AND we cannot wait for the 2018 gathering in Barbados!

Thank you Vital Bowspring staff & teachers, and of course John & Desi for your unwavering commitment to teaching the highest, to caring for our world, and sharing your hearts with us! It is powerful. Let’s keep Bowspringing together!