Unlearning and Relearning – the crux of Bowspring

It is common that your first few Bowspring classes will be challenging, regardless of any previous yoga experience.

In fact, Bowspring is even more challenging for experienced yogis and yoga instructors.

You’re not only learning a new language, you’re learning a completely different movement pattern in your body. Additionally this movement pattern goes against what many of us have been taught is healthy or safe, and taught in Modern Postural Yoga classes throughout San Diego for many years.

For some, unlearning is not an option. After a scary and frustrating first class, some students never try Bowspring again. Typically these students are well practiced yogis who are highly attached to a linear model of movement. They also often feel frustrated by being a beginner again; generally accustomed to being able bodied, strong and knowledgable on their yoga mat, Bowspring can crush the expert yogi’s ego, which can be too much for the ego to bear or just generally frustrating.

We’ve seen this at Yoga Bow time and time again. Our retention rates show that individuals who either have less yoga experience or are more open-minded when they step onto their yoga mat are highly attracted to the Bowspring practice and receive deep healing, inner strength and mindfulness from their Bowspring practices. Individuals who come to class with an expectation of linear modeling or flowing at a vinyasa pace often have a negative experience and sadly rarely return.

This is the great thing about Bowspring: it is a weeding out of individuals to gather a like-minded, free-thinking and accountable community.

Bowspring is a practice for the bold, open-minded and cutting-edge movers and shakers of our world. Yoga Bow’s community is a quirky group of strong and courageous individuals who aren’t afraid to go against the masses. Although we at Yoga Bow strongly hope for a day where even the most experienced traditional yogis can come learn Bowspring with an open-heart to see its true value… where we all get to experience this bliss together in community. All are welcome to join us.

We challenge you to open your mind (and your belly) and join us for Bowspring class: www.yogabow.com/schedule.