YES it is GLOBAL Bowspring!

We are so GLOBAL!!!

Every time I peruse Instagram to entertain myself with images of the world I intentionally follow, I am not only hit with photos of food my friends adored, cuddly fluffy cats, and scenic van life and rock climbing imagery… but mostly these days my feed is overwhelmed by Bowspring practitioners from all over the world sharing their practice.

I love it! The growing community of Bowspringers world-wide is quickly on the rise due to John Friend and Desi Springer’s diligent commitment to sharing their methodology… and many other teachers who are spreading the love.

Since my global experiences of serving in the Peace Corps and having the great opportunity of meeting people world-wide in various environments, ANYTHING globally inspired excites me… and that John and Desi are driven to share their practice internationally only stoked my fire all the more!  Bowspring, as you’ll see, creates a space for empowered capacity in our back-sides…

The best representation of that growth is social media posts from Bowspringers world-wide. I’ve had the great opportunity to meet some of these students and teachers at international gatherings of Bowspringers… and now through social media YOU have a chance to meet them too! We’ll start with the founder… the amazing…

*** If I forgot to include you or a Bowspringer you follow, please let me know by emailing, and I will add you/them!!!

Desi Springer, Denver, Colorado (is where her garden grows… however she travels worldwide with John Friend to share Bowspring with the masses!)

Michelle Kathleen, Victoria, British Columbia

Christian Wimmer, Austria

Sara Verhelst, currently traveling globally to study and practice Bowspring

Christy Punnett, Barbados

Laura Mikkelsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Montse Fernandez, Madrid, Spain

Alison Moore, Denver, Colorado

Charlotte Boyd, Louisville, Kentucky

Renata Ferrari, Viva Yoga Studio – Bowspring studio in Toledo, Spain

Ditte Bykærholm, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amanda, owner of AC Power Yoga, San Antonio, Texas

Maiko Nagata, Japan

John Friend, Denver, Colorado (and travels world-wide with Desi to share the beauty of the Bowspring!)

Rebecca (Becca) Rubinstein, San Diego, California

Marta Granat, Chicago, Illinois

Katie Ward, New York, NY

Saskia Griffiths, everywhere!!! (she’s pictured on the bottom left of the photo below, in “tummy time” pose)

Susan Schroeder, Denver, Colorado

Bridget Gross, Chigaco, Illinois

RoCío MeGíA, Madrid, Spain

Tara A, San Diego, California

Mindful Warrior Yoga, San Antonio, Texas

Annie K Schachtel, Stockholm, Sweden

Marie Louise Frederiksen, Nuuk, Greenland

Lindsey Andress, San Diego, California

Breath and Body Yoga, Austin, Texas

Elisha Jane, Victoria, British Columbia

Paris Latka, Denver, Colorado

Viva Yoga Bowspring, Madrid, Spain

Daura Afonso, Tenerife, Madrid

Gabriela Skerlj, Palma De Mallorca, Spain

Becky Sutter, San Diego, California

Chandra Bowspring, Granada, Spain

Michelle Davis, San Diego, California

Megan Panchinin, Denver, Colorado

Jonathan Boyd, Victoria, British Columbia

Zuzana Novotna, Marbella, Spain

Carla, location unknown

Lila Gonzales, Denver, Colorado

Sarah Haughton, San Diego, California, Founder of Yoga Bow (ME!!!)