Dark Heart Challenge

IT’S BACK! And better than last year!!!

International Dark Heart Challenge #1 (October ONLY)

Post one photo of you in any Bowpsring Pose EVERY DAY in October (that’s 31 posts total!) and receive a free online Bowspring private with one of Yoga Bow’s amazing instructors!

You MUST include the following hashtags in each post:
#yogabow #globalbowspring #darkheartchallenge

San Diego Local Challenge #2 (October & November)

Can you do it??

21 Bowspring Classes in the months of October & November*!

SPECIAL OFFER FOR ALL LOCAL CLIENTS: only $60/month for unlimited Bowspring in October & November, no contract! Purchase below

*All Yoga Bow teachers will be travelling at the end of October for the Global Bowspring Teacher Summit in Denver Colorado, therefore our class schedule will be limited. Due to this, we have decided to extend our October challenge to November as well!!! 

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