Let’s evolve together

Are you currently teaching or seeking to teach the Bowspring in your community and online? Let’s connect!

Yoga Bow is created and managed by me, Sarah Haughton. I have been a devoted student and teacher of the method since it’s inception in 2013. The Bowspring has provided so much opportunity for me to shape-shift my life and heal in ways I never thought possible. Although I closed the physical Yoga Bow studio in early 2019 after two successful years, my mission continues with Yoga Bow to share the Bowspring with my communities and beyond!

One of the most important lessons I learned as a business owner is that we need one another to grow – there is no guru. While you or I or they may be in the seat of the teacher at a given moment, we are continuously in flux – learning and growing from our ability to be vulnerable and showing up for one another.

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