Sarah Haughton

Sarah is the first certified Bowspring teacher in California, and has studied directly with Desi Springer and John Friend since 2012 to

heal her body from over-use injuries caused by years of traditional yoga, while also to enabling her to be able to teach this powerful method to her community. Sarah is a part of the growing Global Bowspring community, and works daily not only on her own Bowspring practice but also on connecting with the growing global network of teachers and students. Sarah is proud to have opened the first Bowspring Yoga Studio in California, Yoga Bow.

Sarah began her yoga journey as a teenager, then taught her first yoga class in Spanish while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru in 2006. Ever since, she’s been hooked.

A life long athlete and outdoor enthusiast, Sarah has completed over 1000 hours of study with a wide variety of yoga teachers, emphasizing Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Heated Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Inspired, Global Bowspring/Sridaiva Yoga and Yoga Therapeutic trainings.

Sarah has been teaching full time in San Diego county since 2010, has a few private clients, has led yoga retreats to Ojai, Big Bear and New Mexico, teaches regular yoga workshops on a variety of topics, and has a large following in the region. She is a committed yogini who practices daily at home or with her favorite teachers in San Diego. Sarah has also taken various sciences courses, including Anatomy, formally at MiraCosta Community college to deepen her scientific knowledge of the body. Sarah is dedicated to constant growth and education as a teacher.

When not doing yoga, Sarah loves rock climbing, beach lounging and spending time with family and friends.

Becca Rubinstein

Becca’s yoga journey began with a  challenge and an inspiring teacher. When asked to do a head stand (against the wall) in a yoga class, having never inverted, Becca’s first reaction was “Who me? Impossible!”. Sensing her doubt, the instructor assured her that it was possible and walked her through the process of getting into the pose. With her feet confidently extended overhead, Becca felt instantly empowered and beyond grateful for the teacher’s patience and wisdom. This experience opened her eyes to the strength and possibility harbored within her own body, a body she rarely found space to appreciate. With this renewed perspective, Becca dedicated herself to a daily practice and vowed to always step onto the mat with respect for her body and an open mind.

After several months of commitment to the practice, all aspects of her life began to transform, well beyond the yoga studio and her mat. She found joy and resilience in her body and her mind which projected out into all her experiences and interactions. Realizing the power of yoga, she decided to deepen her practice and became YTT certified at Yoga Bow in November 2017!

Her upmost desire is to help people find ease, strength, and play in the body. Helping them to release tension, pain, and negativity. Through a mindful approach to body movement and positioning, she hopes to help all her students realize their own power to heal themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually and to find contentment in their body, creating a home they can carry with them everywhere. 

Becky Sutter

Becky began practicing yoga casually in Ohio using DVDs and youtube and found that she loved the movements, breathing, and feeling of calm she got every time she practiced. After moving to San Diego, she started attending vinyasa classes regularly and became a very dedicated student. She decided she wanted to learn as much about yoga as she could, and enrolled in Yoga Bow’s Yoga Teacher Training and graduated in 2017 with a higher appreciation for traditional yoga and a newfound love for Bowspring. As a teacher, Becky strives to create a space for all levels of students to be both challenged and supported through their practice.

Are you interested in joining our community? Come to Sarah’s class and email resume to info@yogabow.com