Our Pre-Opening Workshops

What is Bowspring Deep Dive?

A four part series of workshop geared to give you a deep understanding of the history, alignment and flow of the Bowspring Method.

Due to the Bowspring’s very different alignment system that shakes the paradigm of what many call yoga, breaking it down step by step provides the most beneficial experience, from beginners to the most advanced yogis.

Sarah will be teaching these workshops in four parts listed below. You do not have to attend earlier parts to attend future parts. It is recommended to do so, however all students are encouraged to attend any part they choose.

Part 1 – The 10 key areas of the Bowspring: Ribcage (Heart), Shoulders, Hips / Pelvis, Head, Waist, Neck, Hands and Feet, Arms and Legs.

Part 2 – The 5 subsystems of the Bowspring = Heart: Ribcage; Wings: Shoulders, Arms, Hands; Roots: Feet, Legs, Hips; Waist: Belly / Lower back; Crown: Neck, Head

Part 3 – How to Flow and Bounce Your Bow + Review of Bowspring

Part 4 – The Roots of Bowspring + Dynamic Neutral vs. Default Posture in Your Daily Life & Activities

Sarah is a continuing education provider certified by Yoga Alliance, therefore all workshops are eligible for CE credits. Certificate available upon request. 


Attend all four Deep Dives for $85, or individual sessions for $25 each.

Best Value: Purchase a Founding Membership for only $79/month to have unlimited attendance to all Deep Dive Workshops and Bow Flow Classes. Plus, Founder Membership continues once studio opens with a full schedule, and you receive special benefits! (This includes free coffee at the studio!)  See details here

Work exchange will be considered. Please email


These workshops and classes will be offered periodically on the calendar below, prior to the official opening of Yoga Bow (July 22nd, 2017). So please understand that although construction of the space is complete (it is safe to practice in the space!), there will be some items in the studio that are a work in progress when you join us!

Bowspring Deep Dive Schedule:

Bow Deep Dive Part 1: Saturday, June 17th; 9:00-11:30am

Bow Deep Dive Part 2: Sunday, June 18th; 9:00-11:30am

Bow Deep Dive Part 3: Saturday, July 15th; 9:00-11:30am

Bow Deep Dive Part 4: Sunday, July 16th; 9:00-11:30am

Studio Calendar

These workshops are appropriate for:

  • Yoga students seeking to understand the basics of the Bowspring method, and how this postural alignment system can be applied in any yoga class, exercise routine and healthy daily movement.
  • Yoga students interested in participating in Yoga Bow’s fall 2017 teacher training.
  • Opening-minded yoga teachers seeking to gain a new perspective of functional body movement by learning the Bowspring, a cutting-edge alignment system created by Desi Springer at Vital in Denver, CO.
  • Yoga teachers interested in teaching at Yoga Bow.