Our Vision

  • Bridge the gap between Bowspring and Yoga by training practitioners to become professionals in the benefits of these practices.
  • Accurately share the Bowspring algorithm and method.
  • Support the growth and education of all Bowspring practitioners and instructors.
  • Encourage the harmonious growth and expansion of the global Bowspring community.

Our Story

Yoga Bow came to life in 2017 when Sarah Haughton had her first opportunity to open up a yoga studio in San Diego.

Initial fears aside, Sarah opened Yoga Bow on July 22 of 2017 with the goal of sharing the Bowspring practice with her community.

This initial spread of the Bowspring allowed many to understand the dynamic depths of the practice and created the growth of Bowspring instructors in the San Diego region.

Sarah was delighted to bring her students to various Global Bowspring gatherings and trainings, and is equally stoked to see them sharing their love of the practice in their own various formats and platforms.

Since 2013 Sarah has been travelling to study and practice with her teachers, John Friend and Desi Springer. Many connections have been made over the years with others who were equally passionate as her. These global connections have created what we know and love to be Yoga Bow today:

No longer a local studio in San Diego, Yoga Bow is a global platform that shares the Bowspring method authentically.

Our instructors span globally from Europe to various locations of the United States.

It is a massive delight to have the ability to practice our virtual community… those who understand the value of this practice.

We are open to growing in our offerings of Bowspring practices throughout the world. Let us know if you’d like to be a part of what we are building.